O.S.B. 24. Cadde No:88 Melikgazi / Kayseri

Sas Par Mobiliya ve Textile Sanyi Dis Tic is the owner of Romessa Furniture brand, also the manufacturer arm for Ayhan Sas Dis Tic company .  Romessa Furniture became one of the most reputable and fast growing furniture manufacturers in Turkey,  which adapt the international concept with keeping exciting in the domestic market . With 10000 Square meter is the main production warehouse and 16500 Square meter Production facilities in three sister factories for our  use allowance and production. Morever, 4000 Square meter Outdoor warehousing and consolidation area serving with more than 100 skilled labor working with high technology German and Italian Machines. Therefore, 24 Administrative team using Cutting edge administrative and management models for one common objective is to provide high quality production and meet all our customer needs and desires. High experienced labor and high level of quality standard we get a comparative advantage for all our production specially in Hotel and Residential Furniture projects .


Our company MRP, ERP system and the TSE-ISO 9001:2000 quality management system is improving with each passing day our team of professional and dynamic structure continues.


Thanks to our factory facilities, we are producing wide rang of products of Home Furniture and Hotels furniture .Our main products of Home Furniture Category are Bedroom Sets , Dining Room Sets , TV Wall Unit .Our production of Hotel and all furniture related to projects products of Hotel beds , Closets , Bedsteads , Tables , Sofa and many kinds of chairs , for such these projects we have a long term agreements with sisters factories to produce Sofa and some items which we don’t produce n our factory to produce under our observations and quality standard for achieving high level of efficiency and affordable costs .


Rapidly changing and evolving in our world, our country proudly represent our industry model company and leading organizations as one, based on many years of our experience for future generations to move .


Our Mission

Our industry team spirit created, Romessa Furniture within the pride of being who feels and lives of our employees, people and respect for nature, acting forward by leveraging technology, first by signing different and solution-oriented approach ourselves through continuous of customer-focused products and services to offer .

 Quality Policy

Our company which aim to high quality production all time with the developing technology bringing living area confidence, quality and value undertakes as a duty to apply quality administration system conditions by giving priority to consumer satisfaction ''Quality product and service is not a consequences of coincidence, it is a consequences of experience and systematical working'' .